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Project Decription

One of the first projects on our DCTMS platform, the AcT trial is a Pragmatic Phase III randomized open-label registry-based trial with blinded end-point assessment. The trial seeks to test whether intravenous tenecteplase (an intravenous thrombolytic drug tested and found safe in multiple phase 2 and one phase 3 trial is patients with acute ischemic stroke) can replace intravenous alteplase (the current standard care) in patients who are otherwise eligible to receive the latter in routine care.
ACT-QUICR is a custom designed Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Randomization Solution with the purpose of facilitating the data collection for the ACT-QUICR trial, while providing the following functions:
  1. Provides participating trial physicians with the physician script
  2. Provides patients with relevant patient information
  3. Allow randomization of subjects based on the presented protocol
  4. Provide functionality for validating the randomization of subjects
  5. Enable paper and electronic subject consent acquisition
  6. Sends out periodic notifications to enrolled sites
  7. Dashboards, charts and reports
  8. Secure & Scalable

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