About Us

Who is Diamind Solutions?

At heart, we are a dynamic and open-minded group of individuals that want to help companies succeed. First and foremost, we are critical thinkers and problem solvers. While we do break-down our services into groups in categories, our competitive advantage lies in the fact that we understand business operations from start to finish. By combining our business understanding with our technological prowess, we are able to provide individualized solutions to our customers.

Whether we are designing your website or promoting it (SEO) so it will be on the first page of Google or other Search Engines, we always look at the bigger picture and why that is important for you: you want more clients for your business or you want a stronger online and real world presence.

Think about it: would it help being on the front page of Google for keyword no one searches for? Unlikely! That would mean no visitors for your website and no clients for your business. This is one of the key points technology seems to fail us: it is used without good direction, it is used without a strong business plan.

This is where we come in. We make the technology work for you and we make websites that suit your needs. To help you achieve your goals, we strive to abide by the principles of Professionalism, Realism and Innovation, while also trying to continuously Communicate with you, our client.

What about the people? What about the soul behind the machine (or website)?

Underneath the technology and our desire create software solutions, we are shockingly human. We like the technological aspect, but we always remember that technology by itself means nothing. It needs to serve the people for which it is intended. We embrace this!



While we avoid reinventing the wheel, we do try to bring something new and creative to each project. No one wants to own an application that is almost identical to the competitions', just with a different name. We try to make each project creative and original, to maximize its potential and to obtain maximum satisfaction from you and your customers.



It is just as important to know what you can't do on project than to know what you can do. For each project, there are a lot of factors and constraints that may affect its success. We openly discuss such matters and will discuss with you upfront what are the potential impacts of each decision!



We always respect your and we always respect our work. We have a highly talented and experienced team of graphic designers and programmers and we value a professional working attitude.

Start Building

We're here to help

Depending on your needs and business plan, this may be a website, a marketing campaign, a mobile application, a financial reporting application, or even all of the above. We will meet with you, understand your needs, and then try to find the solution that offers the best fit for your needs (by analyzing cost, technology, complexity, or other perspectives).