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Configurable, secure, and scalable solutions for collecting, storing and/or analyzing data.

Are you looking to collect, store and/or analyze data for a Randomized Control Trial or similar Research Project? Are you looking for a solution that is configurable, secure, scalable and can ensure data remains withing Canada? Our Diamind Clinical Trial Management Solution (DCTMS) is here to help.

DCTMS is a custom designed Clinical Trial Management Solutions (CTMS) that brings together in one applications all the various functions required to run your clinical trial or research project. Some of the key functions of the application include:

  • Enables randomization and enrollment of subjects based on an advanced Minimal Sufficient Balance Algorithm
  • Provides the ability to record and store patient profiles
  • Provides functionality for validating the randomization of subjects
  • Provides advanced e-Consent capabilities (informed and deferred consent for patient, surrogate/SDM, emergency consent, paper, electronic, e-mail acquisition)
  • Complete drug management capabilities, such as drug inventory shipments and tracking across multiple sites
  • Full blinding, emergency unblinding and drug accountability capabilities
  • Provides capabilities for capturing information for an unlimited number of follow-ups, visits or other events, each with their own custom forms/CRFs and permssions
  • Complete finance module to track and manage site payments
  • Document Management Module for complete Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) capabilities
  • Electronic Delegation of Authority signing and management
  • Dashboards, charts and reports
  • Role Based Access Controls
  • Secure & Scalable

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Our main areas of expertise are in the Healthcare, Academic, Education as well as the Energy Sector, where we provide solutions for a number of needs:

  • - Clinical Trial Management Solutions (CTMS)
  • - Interactive Response Technologies (IRT)
  • - Randomization & Drug Management
  • - Document Management & eTMF
  • - eConsent
  • - EHR Integrations
  • - Custom Application Development
  • - Business Intelligence & Data Integration

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