Cutting-edgeClinical Trials

The DCTMS Trial is a modern platform for clinical trials of any scale, delivering top-notch experience to patients and doctors.

Agile Execution

Our platform is here to deliver a brand new clinical trials experience. The DCTMS Trial scales from one study to thousands in no time.

Patients Randomization

Automated patients randomization that will deliver a faster study startup, execution and monitoring.

Drugs Management

A powerful drugs management and inventory module which brings joy to managing your resources.

Trial Resources

Manage trial documents, audits, pharmacies, simulations, all in one centralized tool.

Roles and Permissions

Orchestrate the access of your users via roles and permissions in a secure environment.

Form Builder

A powerful tool for building fine-grained forms and defining complex flows for your clinical trial.


Our platforms offers powerful tools for managing your finances, customers and invoices.

Multi-language Support

Your trial scales globally. New languages are added with one click. Modify any labels to your fit.

Boundaryless Scalability

Our platform scales according to your needs. Everything is battle-tested in a modern infrastructure.

Support & Reliability

A modern system you can always count on.

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Tech you can trust

Our platform is built around modern technologies by a team of real professionals with years of experience in the field.

Technical Support

Our system functions in a rock-solid infrastructure. Your trials are always up and running 24/7/365 with no downtime and full technical support.

Extra Flexibility

Our platform is architected with scalability in mind. Your trials execution will easily grow by being elastically extended via our powerful form builder.

Frequently asked questions

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What is the DCTMS Trial?
The DCTMS Trial is a powerful randomization platform, built around effectiveness and scalability in mind, delivering top-notch experience to patients and doctors on a daily basis.
How secure is your platform?
Our platform is used by big institutions all over the world for years, with no incidents so far. Everything is always up and running 24/7/365 with no downtime.
How can I get a demo?
You can get started in no time. Just reach for us with your use case at contact@diamindsolutions.ca and we will prepare a demo just for you.

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