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The CAMAROS trial is a multicentre, randomized, double-blinded, controlled phase II trial analyzing the effect of coupling a C-C chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5) antagonist, Maraviroc (Celsentri), and exercise to improve both upper and lower extremity recovery after a stroke.

CAMAROS is a custom designed Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Randomization and Drug Management Solution developed for the purpose of facilitating the data collection for the CAMAROS Trial, while providing the following functions:

  • Enables randomization of subjects based on a minimal sufficient balance algorithm
  • Supports main trial randomization, as well as randomization for a recovery sub-study within the same application
  • Provides patients with information regarding their visit schedule and recovery exercises
  • Provides the ability to record and store patient profiles
  • Provides drug management capabilities across multiple sites/locations
  • Utilizes the DCTMS finance module to manage site payments
  • Provides API integrations with DFNet Discover and Gorilla Experiment Builder
  • Dashboards, charts and reports
  • Secure & Scalable

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Our main areas of expertise are in the Healthcare, Academic, Education as well as the Energy Sector, where we provide solutions for a number of needs:

  • - Clinical Trial Management Solutions (CTMS)
  • - Interactive Response Technologies (IRT)
  • - Randomization & Drug Management
  • - Document Management & eTMF
  • - eConsent
  • - EHR Integrations
  • - Custom Application Development
  • - Business Intelligence & Data Integration

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