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An application can only be considered successful if it is easy to use. We're here to make it happen.

As technology evolves, processing power increases and devices become ever more compact. While 30 years ago, the concept of having a personal computer that fits in your hand was the realm of science-fiction, mobile phones are now a reality. And as each phone generation provides new features, people are becoming more mobile, as well as more reliant on their smartphones (whether this is a good or a bad thing – we believe this is quite subjective).

However, the important aspect is that this increased mobility creates new opportunities to better interact with your audience. What better way to notify a user that their order has been shipped or that you have a new product than to show it on the device they keep with them everyday? As such, mobile applications are now a key area in most business strategies.

First and foremost, we meet with you to discuss whether a mobile application is right for your business and whether it will help you attract and retain customers. After all, having a shinny new app with no users isn’t going to do much for your profitability.

After we understand your needs, we plan your new application’s lifecycle and help manage it through its entire Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC). This isn’t limited to just the effective programming of the application, but it also includes things like market analysis, documentation and, of course, communication. In short, the main stages of this lifecycle can be defined as:

  • Market analysis
  • Software specifications
  • Problem analysis
  • Application design
  • Application implementation
  • Testing and upgrading
  • Application Launch
  • Maintenance

These stages form the applications lifecycle and represent the steps required for creating an application that does not only fulfill its role, but is also innovative and satisfies the customers' needs. As you can see, programming the application comes about halfway through the development cycle. This is because an application can only be considered successful if it is easy to use and update and if it identifies and fulfills the needs of the company effectively.

By focusing on business development and not just on technology for the sake of technology, we can help develop the right application for your needs. This area is a key differentiator for us, as it helps us drive actual value to our customers.

Where to go next? Please contact us with your requirements and we will help you find the best solution available to meet your needs and budget. Otherwise, click here to find more about us or about our services.

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Our main areas of expertise are in the Healthcare, Academic, Education as well as the Energy Sector, where we provide solutions for a number of needs:

  • - Clinical Trial Management Solutions (CTMS)
  • - Interactive Response Technologies (IRT)
  • - Randomization & Drug Management
  • - Document Management & eTMF
  • - eConsent
  • - EHR Integrations
  • - Custom Application Development
  • - Business Intelligence & Data Integration

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