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We will find the best e-commerce solution for your product or we will build one for you.

Do you have a great product that you are trying to sell online?

This is generally where an e-commerce solution can come in handy. But, as is with all products and solutions, not all of them are created equally or have the same value.

Our first step is always to meet with you and discuss about your business strategy. Why is this important, you may ask? Because this will help us answer the questions about the type of e-commerce solution that you need. Let’s go through a few of them:

  • What is it that you are trying to sell?
  • Is it a physical product (e.g., a book), a digital one (e.g., a digital book), or maybe a service?
  • Are you trying to sell a couple of products or a couple thousand?
  • Are you looking to accept credit card payments? Or maybe you are just looking for an online catalogue and want customers to call you to order?
  • Do you want to offer different prices to different audiences? Do you even want your standard price to be available without someone first registering?
  • And there are many more…

Depending on the type of product and the characteristics of your market, we will help you find the best e-commerce solution for your needs or we will build one for you. Additionally, we will help you integrate it into your other systems, such as your inventory management or account systems. Last, but definitely not least, we can provide help with PCI compliance.

What is PCI Compliance?

If you’re looking to process credit card payments through pretty much any means, you will at some point run into PCI Compliance (or PCI DSS). PCI DSS stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” and represents the de-facto standard that needs to be met if you’re looking to process payments from customers using credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or pretty much any major consumer credit card.

While this Wikipedia article (link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payment_Card_Industry_Data_Security_Standard) provides more information, the short version is that if you’re looking to allow customers to pay for your products via a credit-card, you will need to become PCI compliant at some point in your business.

Even though it’s not an easy process, we can help make sure that it’s not an overly complicated one either. Since going into all the details of what this process entails would be a book in and of itself, we will just say that we can help you all the way, from the process of getting your first e-commerce solution up and running to the point of becoming PCI compliant.

Where to go next? Please contact us with your requirements and we will help you find the best solution available to meet your needs and budget. Otherwise, click here to find more about us or about our services.

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